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Why embroidery is good for you?

For years, it has been thought by many that embroidery is only for the elderly ladies who sit in their rocking chair and embroider or knit all day. But did you know that embroidery can actually benefit your health, lets see how:

1. Relaxation

Embroidery helps to release stress, increase confidence and make a person more calm. Appreciating a piece of embroidery promotes happinenss and well-being, while reducing stress hormones.

2. Meditation

Embroidery is linked to mindfulness which can keep us grounded by concentrating on the present, while keeping negative emotions at bay. The satisfaction of creating something gives immense joy, and can sometimes help to get through difficult times.

3. Express yourself.

Embroidery enables you to put your imagination onto a piece of fabric and showcase your creativity to others. You can explore different methods to hone your creativity.

4. Art Therapy

Embroidery also helps to improve your eye-hand coordination, colour theory, design and planning - overall helping to keep your brain healthy.

5. Home Decor or Gifts

Embroidery enables you to create artistic pieces that you can use to enhance the beauty of your clothes or accessories, or the interiors of your home. Why not gift someone a handembroidered item and make them feel special !

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