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Our Story

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Handmade Matters


The Handrafters brings to you a variety of Handcrafted products such as embroidered and painted wooden hoops, ladies apparel, and other special items. Our motto is HANDMADE MATTERS and hence we believe in Quality.

Our Story

The Handrafters was conceptualised by Priya Bhargava with the objective of bringing back the trend of Handmade. With her Grandmother and Mother both being very good at painting and embroidery, Priya always had a knack for the same since childhood. Despite holding a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Information Technology, she never gave up painting and embroidery, and even took evening classes to enhance her skills.


But the time had come to pursue her hobby as a full time Business. Following her passion, Priya pursued Fashion Design from Milan, Italy and decided to use her creative skills to create unique products.


Starting with basic cross stitch followed by more complicated embroideries, Priya created many beautiful pieces of art that still adorn the walls of her house. Having an inherited talent, it didn’t take her  long to master the different stitches of crewel embroidery. 


Priya also enhanced her painting skills by attending classes for various types of Indian Art forms  such as Madhubani, Pattachitra, Warli and Kalighat. 

All our products are individually designed by Priya Bhargava. With different combinations of stitches, fabrics, threads, paints and embellishments, each handmade piece has its own unique charm and reflects Priya’s own personal style. All our products have a combination of embroidery and one or more art forms. 

In our opinion, today’s embroidery looks very different to the embroidery of the past, and a lot of it is now digitised and mechanised. We as a brand feel that we should be reconnecting with our roots and bring back the traditional art of embroidery. 

Why The Handrafters?

Fashion Industry is one of the biggest contributors to growing pollution and every year, a lot of fabric (including clothing) is dumped in the landfills across the globe. As a brand, we are committed to making everything Handmade while being sustainable and minimising the waste that goes into the landfills. For the apparels, we use only natural fabrics like cotton and variety of silk. These are biodegradable fabrics, hence reduce our carbon footprint. 

We also make small efforts to reuse fabrics to create artistic pieces and give them a new lease of life. We use cloth scrap to create new items such as appliqué and patchwork on wooden hoops, handmade cloth bags, and pieces of jewellery. Recyclable cardboard and bubble wrap is used as packing material for delicate items and we also minimise the use of plastic in packaging and storage.

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