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Our collection of  Hand-embroidered Keepsakes

Hand-embroidered keepsakes carry a unique charm and personal touch, making them perfect for thoughtful gifts or cherished personal items. 


1. **Hand-Embroidered Keepsake Hoops:**

   - These hoops feature intricate embroidery designs enclosed within a circular frame. The hand-embroidered keepsakes showcase a variety of themes such as flowers, names, or personalised messages. 


2. **Handmade Cards:**

   - Handmade cards are a wonderful way to express sentiments and add a personal touch to any occasion. The hand-embroidered keepsakes cards in our collection are adorned with delicate hand-embroidered details, adding a unique and tactile element to the traditional card-giving experience.


3. **Fabric Jewellery:**

   - Fabric jewellery is a creative and wearable form of art. Hand-embroidered fabric jewellery items include earrings and necklaces featuring colourful and intricate embroidery. 


4. **Other Accessories:**

   - Pick from a variety of items that range from keychains and bookmarks. Each of these items features hand-embroidered elements, making them stand out as both functional and artistic.

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