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Hand Embroidered Pendants 

Everyone deserves to feel confident and standout with statement jewellery that is unique and different from regular jewellery. We call it 'Embroidered jewellery'! We at The Handrafters believe in zero waste and love to reuse scrap fabrics. We present to you our collection of handmade jewellery which is made from left over scraps fabric. Zero waste = happy planet and happy us! 


On this page, you will find our collection of delicately embroidered pendants which are unique and beautiful. Handmade in the UK, each pendant is different and has its own character, making it one of its kind. Every pendant is stitched using embroidery threads on100% cotton fabric scraps left over from our keepsake embroidered hoops. Depending on the design, some pendants are embellished with beads and sequins to enhance their beauty. The designs are mounted into wooden frame or antique bronze frame with matching chain or thread.

Choose from our selection below or contact us if you would like a customised piece for yourself. Go on, treat yourself with these unique accessories too enhance your wardrobe. 

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