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Story behind my Logo

I thought I shall take this opportunity to talk about my Brand and Logo.

My brand 'The Handrafters' was from born from mine and my Mothers dreams and skills. We both loved art, embroidery, painting and all sorts of different techniques. The brand was a collaborative effort, started just over a year ago, but Mom left us just when we were ready to launch our brand in October 2021. Even though she is gone, I still continue to use the skills she taught me, her ideas and designs. ❤️

Since we use a combination of hand embroidery, applique and handpainting on fabric, hence all techniques had to be represented in the Logo. After about 200 handmade designs sketched on paper 😂(yes our logo had to be handmade too), we agreed on this one - it shows both the art of embroidery (needle work) and handpainting.

I wanted to keep the logo simple, yet be self explanatory about what we do. 😁 I hope you like our logo as much as I do. Please leave a ❤️ if you do!

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