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What inspires you?

There are loads of days where I struggle to workout what to work on next. On the other hannd, some days I get so many ideas that obviously all can't be implemented in a single day. And by next day they are forgotten what they were!!

So let me tell you that I get most of my inspirations from two things - Love at first sight and other is my is from my dreams. Let me elaborate.

The concept of 'Love at first sight' plays a huge role in my life. No I am not talking about a man, I am talking about daily stuff - clothes, shoes, decoration, paintings etc. Unless it is love at first sight, I will never buy it. Similarly my inspiration comes from someone thing I see and I know I have to create that. Its an instantaneous connect. For example, I love having tea and as usual I was sat on a highway drinking tea when I thought 'oh you know I should create a chai glass for my room!'. And boom I was highly motivated and had to create one chai glass like this.

The other interesting thing I have to tell you is that I get a lot of inspiration when I am sleeping. Yes I dream about work (you will think I am boring but its true!) and I get some great ideas in my dreams. Some ideas are forgotten by the time its morning, but some remain in my head and I write them down as soon as I get out of bed, lest I forget. Classic example of my dream inspiration is the flower picking girl - I was dreaming I was out in the meadows, surrounded by trees full of colourful flowers and birds chirping all around. It was an amazing dream and when I woke up I knew I had to create the girl picking pretty flowers from a tree.

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