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The Backpacker

The Backpacker wooden hoop has an interesting story behind it, so lets begin.

I have been an adventure freak since I was young and in 2006, I signed up for my first challenge which was to walk 24 miles in 24 hours. Yes and it wasn't a walk on flat ground, but it was on three of the biggest hills in the UK. We began preparation and unfortunately few weeks into practice, I had a muscle rupture in my leg and I had to be put on bed rest for a year.

Although I was heartbroken at that time, it didn't stop me from participating again few years later. I undertook a challenge to walk 26 miles which again included three hills. Despite having a major fall (where I nearly got blown off a cliff), 3 paracetamols consumed and bandaged elbow on that day, I completed the challenge and still speak of it with pride.

My adventures haven't stopped there and I have done many hiking trips around UK and India, and wish to continue doing so in the future.

This backpacker is dedicated to me and my adventures.

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