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Down with Machine made, up with Handmade

We live in a world where most things are mass produced. While bulk manufacturing is required to cater to the demands of a vast population, the products are no longer unique.

Embroidery can now be done by machine, you can have a digitally printed or digitally painted apparel. But these are impersonal and too perfect.

Lets take an example - if you were given the choice between muffins produced in bulk compared to a cake baked by your Grand-mother. Which one would you chose?


It has to be a home baked cake for me and I bet for most of you too!

It does not matter as much if you buy the same muffins as 50 other people, but what if you bought a new dress and wore it to office on Monday morning. You are looking forward to some compliments, BUT to your dismay, you find another lady wearing exactly the same dress! Thats the end of your excitement and compliments.

This is where Handmade comes in.

# Handmade products are made from the heart and are one of a kind. No two pieces will ever be identical - colour, shape, texture etc will always vary.

#Great attention to detail is taken when creating handmade items and it shows the personal style of the designer. More Human compared to Machine!

# Handmade products can easily be customised which is not possible in a factory environment. You can choose the muffins on the wooden hoop to made from your favourite colour fabric, or you can have a card embroidered with the name of your special someone.

# Overall the carbon footprint is much lower compared as the handmade products are made in small spaces or workshops compared to huge factories.

# As handmade products are made in smaller quantities, the best material is always chosen. Even the left over scrap fabric is utilised for appliqué work and to make clothes tag etc.

# Each handmade piece created has a story behind it - be it a personal experience from a adventure trip, loss of a loved one or just how they feel that day. All stories come from the heart.

# When you gift someone a handmade item, they know that you have taken as much care to select this item as was taken by the creator themselves.

# Ancient methods of embroidery and different art forms can be preserved using handmade. After all a machine does not have the same hands as humans, Yet!

At The Handrafters, we are making a small effort to bring back the fading art of handmade and provide our clients with high quality handmade products.

Thanks for stopping by!

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