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Handmade Bookmarks

Explore our exceptional collection of Traditional Hand-painted and Hand-embroidered Bookmarks, curated with love and artistry for your cherished family and friends. All our bookmarks are hand-painted/hand-sewn which makes them contemporary and one-of-a-kind bookmarks. Each piece is handmade with love, and are as functional as they are artistic and unique. 


All our bookmarks are thoughtfully made on handmade paper or repurposed fabric, embracing eco-friendly practices and sustainability. We as a brand believe in doing small things for Mother Earth - using leftover scrap fabric and accessories to craft unique bookmarks is just one of our contributions. These handmade book marks are a thoughtful gift for your friends and family. Or even treat yourself to these pieces of art. Indulge in a good book and enhance the reading moments with our unique bookmarks. 📚🎨📖

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