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Canal Boat Memories

Canal Boat Memories

Step into a world of tranquility and nostalgia with our Canal Boat Memories hand-embroidered hoop. This piece tells a unique story of serene waterways and leisurely journeys along the waterways of England. Inspired by the timeless charm of my canal boat holidays, this handmade hoop captures the essence of the scenic canals using paint and intricate embroidery.

The Canal Boat Memory hoop is not just a gift - it is a journey down memory lane, capturing the essence of canal boat living in a handmade and thoughtful way.

Product can be customised and made in different sizes. Please contact us for enquiries.



The actual colours may vary slightly from what appears on your screen.

    • Materials : Cotton fabric, cotton thread, wooden hoop, Acrylic Paint, beads
    • Size : 8" wooden hoop
Thank you for your order, we are delighted to re-create this item for you. The product will be shipped according to the Shipping Policy.
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